Two Saturdays ago my lovely husband had to wake up super early and spend his entire day at a training class to get certified for something work related. Sorry I can’t get more specific than that. I’m not trying to be secretive, I just can’t remember the specifics!

Well to start his day off right, I decided to forego sleeping in and make him some breakfast. Not that this is a momentous occasion; I do occasionally try to be a good wife and get up early during the week to make him some food before he heads off to work. Just not as often as he thinks I should. But I digress.

Instead of the usual scrambled eggs with a squirt of ketchup he is used to from me at 7 in the morning, I decided to make him a special breakfast of huevos rancheros! I’m not too sure if there is a specific recipe for huevos rancheros or if it is just a term for breakfast that has some Mexican flare to it. Actually let me look that up…

Hrmm..I’m not too sure if what I made can be considered huevos rancheros according to wikipedia but seeing as how there are tons of variations and I’m sure much debate out there as to what ingredients make up a traditional huevos rancheros, I’m going to say I was close enough.

*side note: I recognize as far as food blog posts go, this will be skimpy on the pictures as I only have pictures of the final product but hey, I gotta start somewhere. How does one take pictures of “during” shots anyway? My hands are always messy…any advice?

I had to act quick b/c my husband is fairly quick at getting ready and I wanted it to be a surprise for him as he came out. I quicky fried up two over easy eggs versus the more traditional poaching method. When it comes to cooking, waiting for water to boil is where I am least patient! While the eggs fried, I diced up half a vine-ripened tomato,  1/4 of a red onion, and 1 scallion. I rummaged through the pantry for something carb related to make up for the lack of tortilla and came up with something even better, tortilla chips that we had gotten a couple of weeks back from our favorite local Mexican restaurant! Alas, we had no sour cream so I mixed some mayonnaise with chipotle in adobo sauce mixed with some freshly squeezed lime juice. It wasn’t sour cream but it was an acceptable substitute at 8 in the morning even to somebody like myself who generally not partial to mayonnaise.

I plated up the eggs, topped it with the veggies and some grated cheddar cheese, scattered the tortilla chips around the plate and dolloped some of the chipotle mixture (I refuse to call it a mayonnaise mixture) on top.



*second side note: In future posts I will include a recipe but since this was sort a last minute thrown together meal with whatever was in the pantry, I will save a real recipe for the next meal.