Not one to usually make a request on what we eat for dinner, Jason made a definitive announcement yesterday afternoon that we’d be taking our new mini deep fryer on it’s first run and make fried shrimp for dinner.  I happily obliged because who wouldn’t want to eat fried food, let alone fried seafood, and get to play with a deep fryer too?

Being too lazy to head over to the supermarket after work, we improvised with vegetables we had at home for sides. We paired the fried shrimp, which was marinated in hot sauce and breaded using the double dip method, with creamy mashed potatoes and sauteed broccoli rabe. No real recipes here either but I can offer pictures this time! 🙂
Look at that gorgeous fry!!! And I can’t forget the scrumptious condiment that Jason whizzed up to dunk the shrimp in. Everything was pretty much eyeballed but I’ll list the basic contents: ketchup, chili powder, cayenne pepper, homemade picked onions, and the grated zest of one lime. Everything was blended together in the handy Magic Bullet the MIL thoughtfully gave me a while back.

All in all we are very happy with our deep fryer purchase and the clean up wasn’t too bad after we left the oil to cool. Next project for the deep fryer will be peanut butter fritters!