Our friends J and C are the one of the cutest, and probably most insane, couples we know. With the amount of bickering they do, you’d think they have been married forever! In actuality, they have been together for a few years but are only dating for now. They will be moving in together soon though and we wish them luck in their search for an apartment together!

The topic of their possible future engagement has come up in the past and J has even joked that he would propose by hiding the ring within a scoop of C’s favorite dessert, sorbet. While that is a valiant attempt on J’s part to be romantic, C and I both agree that it would an awkward proposal at best. There are two possible scenarios I can envision:

  • In her delight with the sorbet, she swallows the ring whole without even realizing it was there. Unlikely as sorbets are one of those “roll it around on your tongue” type desserts; but hey, it’s possible so I’m putting it down as a scenario. In this case, do you tell her what she just did? Getting the ring back either by regurgitation or otherwise (ahem ahem) would totally put a damper on the occasion. Would she ever look at the ring on her finger the same??
  • She takes a bite with the ring in it, discovers the ring in her mouth, takes it out of her mouth, and then what? Does J take it out of her hand, dip it in water to off wash the residual saliva and sticky sorbet, and then get on one knee? 

Perhaps J will throw caution to the wind though and forge ahead with his future proposal idea anyway. In preparation for that, I am taking it upon myself to perfect my sorbet making just in case I should be asked to be a part of the happy occasion. 🙂 

Last Saturday, Jason and I made plans with J and C to watch the U of L versus UK football game at a local bar to represent Jason’s favorite home team. I wanted to make something to share with them and seeing that I had two large mangoes sitting in my fruit basket for a week that had not yet been eaten, I decided to make C’s favorite dessert!

I did a quick search and saw that Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini posted the mango sorbet recipe from the great Mr. Lebovitz’s new book, The Perfect Scoop. Imagine my good luck that what I wanted to make was from a book that I’ve been meaning to get! I have wanted to get this much lauded book and even though it’s almost fall, I am not deterred. I am not of the camp that ice cream can only be eaten in warm weather and personally I don’t understand anybody that subscribes to that belief.



Mango Sorbet á la The Perfect Scoop
2 large mangoes (I used the larger red skinned mango variety though I normally prefer to eat the smaller orange kind), pitted and peeled
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup water
finely grated lime zest
juice from 1/2 lime, plus more to taste
1 tablespoon tequila, plus more to taste
a pinch of salt

Prepare your ice cream machine per the manufacturer’s instructions. Personally, I keep my ice cream bowl in the freezer all the time. Who knows when I’ll have the craving for homemade ice cream? When I do, I certainly can’t wait 24 hours for the bowl to freeze thoroughly. It’s definitely a trade off in terms of freezer space but well worth it in my opinion.

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth. Unfortunately, the mangoes that I used were a bit on the fibrous side and although I am the first one to promote proper fiber intake, I don’t think via mango sorbet is the right way. I pulled out the nifty little food mill that my brother-in-law bought us and the resultant mixture was super creamy. If you don’t have a food mill, pouring the mixture through a strainer would produce similar results. I definitely suggest doing one or the other to ensure you don’t have to provide toothpicks along with your sorbet.

Place the puréed mango mixture in the fridge and chill thoroughly, about 1 hour should be fine. Pour mixture into the ice cream bowl and freeze per the manufacturer’s instructions.


For the sake of being thorough, I will elaborate on my inputs/modifications to the recipe. Instead of regular granulated sugar, I used a vanilla sugar that I made with beautiful Tahitian vanilla beans, which I brought/smuggled back from our honeymoon a couple of months ago. I also used the juice from 3/4 of the lime versus only half since I love the piquant taste of citrus. 

The sorbet was easy and quick to put together and it turned out beautifully – not overly sweet like some sorbets tend to be and very creamy. I think next time I could even cut down on the sugar a bit and maybe go an extra tablespoon on the tequila 😉 For creaminess sake of course, not because I like alcohol or anything! In all honesty though, 1 tablespoon was more than enough to keep the sorbet from getting icy.

We packed as much sorbet as could possibly fit into a plastic container and happily brought it to the bar with us. There was no ring in the sorbet this time but I think C enjoyed it regardless. There is still some leftover sorbet sitting in my fridge and just posting about it makes me want to rush home from work and enjoy a scoop myself!