Happy New Year everybody!

Jason and I wish everybody a very happy, healthy, prosperous, and yummy year!

I thought I’d share a recipe mistake with you all to show that I can indeed laugh at my culinary disasters and move on…most of the time. At the risk of starting the year off on a bad foot, I will consider this post a purging of any potential bad gastronomic spirits in 2008 🙂


A couple of months ago, there was a cupcake roundup on the Cupcake blog that I wanted to participate in.  The point of the round up was to create a cupcake using ingredients and flavors inspired by the autumn season. I figured a lot of people would use pumpkin and apples so I decided to go a different route and use one of my fall favorites, pomegranate.


I went back and forth with Jason on the execution and we finally decided on a chocolate/orange cupcake with fresh pomegranate buttercream frosting. The cake portion was chocolate but with orange zest throughout which I thought would compliment the pomegranate flavorings. It was a good idea and the cupcake certainly looked pretty. Unfortunately, I didn’t submit it because the taste was definitely not Cupcake blog worthy.

The buttercream came out so cloyingly sweet that even Jason couldn’t eat it. I think my ratio of butter to sugar was off 😦 Even the tart juice from the pomegranate couldn’t save it! The cake also didn’t have nearly enough orange flavor in it for the effect that I wanted. Next time I will have to up the amount of orange zest used or even go with maybe a tiny bit of orange extract.


Oh well. I tossed the frosting before anybody else could be subject to sugar shock. Instead of throwing the cakes away too, Jason told me to freeze them. They came in handy when I wanted to make bourbon balls for Halloween and couldn’t get to the store to get wafers. At least they made a contribution to something that others got to enjoy!