We are starting something new on the Equivocal Epicurean! My more assertive husband Jason has very lovingly volunteered to help spice up the blog a bit! He will post a bit about his gastronomic adventures in the kitchen as well as share some of his often random, yet poignant thoughts. I hope you enjoy them both as much as I do 🙂


Well, luckily for me the wifey has decided to allot me some space on her blog. Ideally I would start my own page, with my own cool backgrounds, and have my own cool site name, but I’m lazy. This is much easier – I just have to type stuff out in the Word document then Gmail it over to Jacq and she’ll take care of the rest. Nice deal, eh?

I decided to break my postings into two categories: food and other. The “other” postings will mostly be my thoughts on certain subjects, whether it is politics, sports, business or just random stuff I find interesting. This is more or less a means for me to be heard since Jacquie has wisely started tuning me out. The food postings will fall under the heading “One Flay at a Time” because right now I’m going through Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Cookbook and cooking his dishes.

Let me firstly say that I advocate cooking to taste, not just following a recipe. However, you gotta learn from the pros if you want do really well. I’ve been playing around in the kitchen with my own barbeque sauces (yes, from scratch) and grilling techniques (smoking up the apartment because I haven’t a balcony) for the past year or so, but now I’m ready to ramp it up a bit. By utilizing Mr. Flay’s recipes I’m more concerned with learning the techniques he uses in his preparations and his sauces. Also, out of respect for him, I won’t be posting his actual recipe; instead I’ll give you the page number it’s on so you can follow along. Likewise, I’ll do my best to structure it so you don’t have to own the book to enjoy my postings. The idea will be for the reader to see what I did wrong, what I suggest, and what I improvised, which should allow you to learn from my mistakes when you experiment.

The first posting should come shortly, hold your breath…