or so it had seemed last week. This week it’s been cold and rainy in New York so it feels more like fall than spring.

I did get a chance to enjoy a warm day last week though when I took a walk during my lunch break. Imagine my surprise when the week after I bought tulips from Grand Army Plaza, Park Avenue was lined with tulips as far as my eye could see.

I managed to take a few pictures whilst trying to avoid:

  1. looking like a tourist
  2. being run down by my fellow lunch breakers who weren’t as enamored with the flowers as me. Maybe they would have stopped to smell the flowers had they been roses?

Anyway, here are the pictures I took. Don’t you just love natural lighting?

On all of this talk about flowers, I have to shout out my hubby’s acknowledgment of the 4 year anniversary of our first date. He sent me beautiful flowers from our favorite florist and wonderful friend, Paul.

In case you were at all curious about our first date, my classy guy took me to Pizzeria Uno. I can’t even link to the actual location on Third Avenue and 11th Street because it has since closed down and is now a new restaurant called The Smith.

Ironically enough, it is owned by one of our favorite places on the UWS. The menus look delicious (well the food on the menus, not the actual physical menu) so maybe we’ll go check it out if only for semi-nostalgic reasons. Okay okay, back to my shout out for J. Notice how most of my posts always end up back to food no matter how non-food related they start out?

Well anyway, thank you for the flowers 🙂