Another post from our wonderful guest writer, JLH v1!

When Jacquie and I got married we had tons of gift certificates from generous friends and family to many different stores. Now, as I’m sure you can gather from this blog, we had no choice but to spend the credit on foodstuffs. Fortunately, Jacquie let me get a few things I wanted too – a waffle iron, a mini deep fryer, and a meat grinder with sausage making attachment. I have been grinding meat for my burgers since day one and though I have yet to use the stuffing tube, I have finally completed the grey area between those two and made breakfast sausage.

Surprisingly, sausage is simple to make – it’s pork and spices. That’s it. After doing a little research I decided that breakfast sausage was the only one for me. There are of course tons of different sausages out there but I love breakfast sausage the best, or maybe it’s tied with chorizo. That might be the first one I encase. In any case, Jacquie will link to the awesome breakfast-dinner in a separate post so here is my recipe for breakfast sausage.

1 lb pork chops*
1 lb pork butt*
2 tbsp maple syrup (the purer the better)
2 tsp ground sage
2 tsp kosher salt salt
2 tsp white pepper (all the recipes I saw suggested black pepper, but I like white pepper better)
½ tsp marjoram
1 tbsp brown sugar
pinch of cloves

I froze the pork then defrosted it most of the way so when I chopped it up they were more like ice cubes. That actually turned out to be a good strategy because as I ground it up, it didn’t get too warm (though my hands did get very cold). Anywho, I ground the pork, mixed in the herbs all at once, then ground it again. Covered it all with some plastic wrap and let it refrigerate overnight.

By the way, the * is to note that next time I would mix in a fattier cut of meat or throw in some pure pork lard. Even though the flavor was spot on to any respectable breakfast sausage, it turned out a bit drier than I like.